For Broadcast, you have 2 options, either sending via an approved NovoChat number, or using your own number.

If you are on the Starter plan, you can only use an approved number by NovoChat to send out mass messages to your recipients.

If you are on the Pro or Business plan, you can either use your own number, or our NovoChat approved number to send out mass messages to your recipients.

Here are the steps to link your own WhatsApp number:

  1. Go to Channel > Choose WhatsApp > Click Edit

  2. You'll see a QR Code in Edit WhatsApp Window

  3. Scan the QR code (either normal or business WhatsApp)

  4. If scan successful, you'll get a device status notification on your phone.

  5. Test by sending a message through your Novochat's inbox, send to your registered phone number in the channel.

  6. The message should go to your WhatsApp on your phone, then try to reply via phone. If it's successful, your message should appear in Novochat's interface.

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